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14 octobre 2012 7 14 /10 /octobre /2012 15:57

We are in 2012, everything is possible online. Well that's not true, but lots of thing are possible though. I am going to explain how to easily watch free movies without downloading anything on your hard drive. Only some mega bites will pass into you RAM, the cache memory of your hard drive. But that's not interesting. Let's go to the point. How to watch streaming movies online?



1. Finding links to the movies you want to watch online for free


You can find lots of site that point to sites like mixturevideo or purevid. I am going to introduce a French site called DPStream. They have a huge database with most of the films you want to watch. I'll assume you only want to watch English or American movies so you will have to do a little selection.


- Go on DPStream.net.

- Click on film

- You have to change Langue to VOST

- Now all the films are in English

- Select the one you like and you will find a mixturevideo or purevid link.



2. Bypass the Streaming limit


OK, the first time it's not that easy, but you will get used to it and in two weeks you will be a pro. Now you have to find a bypass website. You know, mixture video and purevid limit there watch time. So if you just follow the link you will probably get frustrated. So the best way to by pass the streaming limit is to use the Google Chrome extension Weather Streaming. If you do not use Google Chrome you can also go on the website http://meteodebrideur.isgeek.eu.

So now, just paste your link in the extension or the website and press débrider (it means bypass in French) !


3. Have a nive movie

OK, normally everything is fine and so can sip your bear and enjoy a good movie. If you have any problems, just ask for help 

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