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27 juillet 2013 6 27 /07 /juillet /2013 10:52

The best way to scrap photo from the web is to use a google chrome extension that will do it for you. It is called Photo Downloader Plus and is free. The advantage of this photo downloader is that you can then download all the photos in a zip file. 

You can also send them to your dropbox acount or your google drive account. When you fetch all the images from a website, you do not want them all. Image downloader plus will allow you to select some of them by height width or type. You can also manually delete the photos you do not want. 


You should definitely try it!




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chevrette13 08/08/2013 18:53

je cherche à sauvegarder mon blog pour éventuellement l'exporter sur blogger faut-il donner son mot de passe à google pour l'exporter

Paulux 02/11/2013 13:17

Non, il ne faut pas donner son mdp. Simplement télécharger l'extension.